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 Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh

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Alex Ryleigh

Age : 32
Location : Miami
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PostSubject: Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh   Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:13 am

Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh

Character Face: Lauren German

All my life I've been good but now
I'm thinking 'What the hell?'

Age/DOB: November 29, 1985 (28)
Sexuality: straight
Marital Status: single

Family: Richard Ryleigh (father)
Lucy Ryleigh (mother)
Michael Ryleigh (younger brother, 25)
Daniel Ryleigh (younger brother, 25)

Job: Paramedic
Apartment or House: Apartment

Alexandra, or Alex as she likes to be called, is a strong willed young woman, who usually does use her head before she talks or acts. She's a rather good-tempered and phlegmatic, so it takes a lot to make her upset and go out of her skin, but beware if she does!
When it comes to her own feelings, she can be very sensitive, although she usually is emotionally quite strong and can take a lot.
Alex has a good ability to feel with other people. Empathy often makes her job as a paramedic a lot easier. 
Yet her sensitivity is also one of her weaknesses for she sometimes gets hurt easily, without really having to feel that way. One wrong word might be enough to hurt her feelings. Add to that, Alex can be stubborn at times, especially when it's about helping people. She's usually assertive, as well, but sometimes, rarely though, her stubbornness gets her into trouble.
Her biggest weakness though, and the one thing she hates about herself is her fear of spiders. Even tiny ones just freak her out and she doesn't have a clue why. She wants to be all tough, but if she sees a spiders she simply turns into a little girl, scared out of her skin, although she has practice in dealing with it now, it's still something she wants to work on.
When the atmosphere and the mood is right, Alex has a bad-girl-attitude, not caring about messing around. But she still has dignity, though. She would never mess with a friend of her friends. Alexandra sees that side of hers more like a weakness and it's something she doesn't like to show everyone. And yet, sometimes she can't help it. Sometimes that side just takes over and she enjoys herself having a good time.

Alex was born and raised in Chicago, by her parents Richard and Lucy Ryleigh. The healthy baby girl that was born on November 29 in 1984. That day, shortly after little Alexandra was welcomed into the world, the first snow flakes came falling to earth as if wanting to celebrate the new life.
Being the first born to relatively young parents, her mother had just turned 20 three weeks prior to giving birth and her father was only 23, the small family struggled for a little while, especially since Richard was having trouble finding a decent job that brought home enough money to make ends meet.
The first year of Alexandra's life was pretty uneventful really. She was a happy, bubbly infant, who turned out to be their parents joy. Alex was always smiling, laughing and in good spirits. Days of her being whiny or clingy to any of her parents were rather seldom and mostly a sign that something was up with her.
Alexandra had just turned 1 when her father finally came home with good news. A manager of a music company had taken the young man under his wing and was showing him ropes of the music business, making Richard his personal assistant and later his scout for new musical talents. With a job like that, even though it came through an old family friend of Richard's parents, he was finally able to support his small family. He even made enough money for Lucy to be a stay-at-home mum without having to worry about finances.
Another year later, Lucy and Richard Ryleigh finally had enough money to buy a small house and they finally got married.

The small family's happiness was struck my drama just half a year later, shortly before Alex's third birthday. The little girl had been going to kindergarten for a few hours during the week, so she could be with other children her age and her mother could get the house work done and have enough time to play with and care for Alex when she picket her up. A few children had been sick at home with the Whooping Cough, but Alex struck it worse. She was having a really bad case of it. Because she was having trouble breathing when she was lying in bed, Alex had to be taken to the hospital and stayed there for almost two weeks before she was finally well enough to go back home.

Later the following year, on September 22nd 1988 the small family was blessed with a set of twin boys, Michael and Daniel. While Alexandra had some trouble adjusting to the new family life that the arrival of the twins caused, she eventually got used to having two little brothers and was soon proud to be a big sister. Of course, like every set of siblings the three of them had their differences and their fights and dramas, but in the end they always stuck together, looking out for each other and always standing up for each other.
The twins became inseparable during their childhood, as was to be expected from identical twins. Although the two of them shared many interests and also character traits, they were quite different in some things. For example their taste in women is completely different. But mostly the two of them do everything together, they even study the same subject at the same university in Chicago.

Time quickly passed and before they knew it, Alex graduated from High School and then moved to Miami with her best friend Rosie Sullivan to go to university. Alex knew from the beginning that she wanted to be a paramedic, so she studied hard to reach that dream of hers. She graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Paramedics.
Later being a fully qualified paramedic, Alex decided that she was going to stay in Miami. Mostly because she got attached to the city, its climate and the men. Back then she was involved with a firefighter, but the two of them broke it up about half a year ago, after Alex found that he was seeing another woman and also badmouthing Alex in front of any colleagues of his who might be interested in Alex. And there were a few.

That ex-boyfriend of hers also brought out her bad-girl-attitude, that Alex had tried to overcome ever since she graduated from University. Unfortunately she's showing that side of her a lot more now than she ever did. It is her way of dealing with the pain of the break-up.

Alex now lives and works in Miami. She was paired with Skyla Hawkins, after she moved to Miami.

“I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.”
~ Marilyn Monroe ~

Your Alias: OldShatterhandsGirl
Means of contact: PM on Natalia's or Ana's account. Unless it is about rp-ing with this character
Other Characters you play: Natalia Boa Vista, Ana Hernandez, Det. Thomas Allan
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James Hamilton


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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh   Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:23 am

Greetings Ms. Ryleigh
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Alex Ryleigh

Age : 32
Location : Miami
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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh   Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:04 pm

Well, hello there, handsome. Smile
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James Hamilton


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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh   Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:30 pm

How are you?
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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh   

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Alexandra Joanne Ryleigh

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