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 Skyla "Gypsy" Hawkins

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Skyla Hawkins

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PostSubject: Skyla "Gypsy" Hawkins   Fri May 09, 2014 12:51 am

Skyla Gypsy Hawkins

Character Face: Olivia Wilde

When she was just a girl, She expected the world. But it flew away from her reach so, She ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of paradise, Every time she closed her eyes

Age/DOB: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single

Family: None (Skyla has no family or relatives)
Roscoe (husky-mix pup; best friend and only one she considers family)

Job: Paramedic
Apartment or House: Apartment

By nature Skyla is fiercly independent and at times can be rather stubborn. She is not someone who gives up easily, nor is she afraid to speak her mind. The girl has a siren-like quality to her: seductive and alluring when she’s calm and content, but beware if she’s in a foul mood. Her new job has taught her how to stay calm in all situations and how to think on her feet.

She is no longer as cheerful as she once used to be. Working in a job that sees people on the second-worst days of their lives has taken a toll on her. She's cheeky and cheerful while at work, but when she gets home, oftentimes the depression that she thought she'd battled and won over begins to creep back. As she has no friends outside of work, the only one she hangs out with and who can make her feel better is Roscoe. At times she smokes when she's stressed, but otherwise doesn't at all, and indeed hates herself when she does smoke.

On the eve of March 1st 1992, a healthy baby girl was born to British teenage parents. Days later she would be left on the doorstep of an orphanage, never to know or see her parents. The baby girl had been an unplanned pregnancy; the teenagers decided to give her up. Having already been kicked out of home, the mother gave birth in the couple’s motel room, along with the help of a midwife family friend. The couple kept the baby for one day, but even that proved to be too much for the mother and by the evening she was gone. The father bundled up the child, tucked a sentimental book with her, and left her on the steps of the nearest orphanage. The inscription in the book read ‘To Skyla. Don’t make the same mistakes as we did’, along with the child’s birth date. The book was Treasure Island (a favourite of the couple), and the orphanage staff gave Skyla the surname ‘Hawkins’, after the main character.

While she was still young, the older children looked after her, fawning over the young thing, and making sure no harm would come to her. As she grew older and her ‘parents’ left the orphanage one-by-one, Skyla was forced to learn how to fend for herself. She and the other foster kids were picked on at school and at first Skyla hid in the library, growing into a bookworm. Her favourite book was the one that she was abandoned with; she loved the sailing and pirate adventures, longing to be free from the life she was currently leading. As she grew older, she grew more bitter and resentful over her place in life, especially as learnt exactly how she arrived at the orphanage. She stood up for the younger kids at school and was in fights with bullies on an almost weekly basis. Though she became an idol within the orphanage, the adoration that the kids felt for her didn’t make up for the feeling of emptiness within her, especially when adoptions took place. She was never one of the lucky ones that got to leave; she was unloved and unwanted, and the poor girl knew it.

At 16, the girl left the orphanage, getting herself a job and a tiny flat. During this time she adopted an abandoned husky-mix pup, naming him Roscoe. After half a year, however, she returned back to the orphanage. She finished her schooling and at 18 left again. Originally she was working at a clothing store that sold exotic-dancer wear, but she lost that job when the shop got rented out by a different company. Not being able to get a job anywhere else, and dreading going back to the orphanage a second time, Skyla turned to dancing as a job. The money was great, and upon her arrival, the other dancers took their new addition under their wings, soon becoming like family to her. She picked the stage name ‘Gypsy’ since she’d never had a true home and moved around a lot. Though Skyla enjoyed her job and loved her dancers to bits, she longed to move out of England. Her English boss, having great affection for the girl, managed to get her a job in Miami through her dancing contacts, and at 19 Skyla moved to America. Though she missed her dancer family terribly, she was content in Miami, and became one of the favourite international girls at ‘Aphrodite’s Palace’.

She continued dancing at the Palace, but as time went on, Skyla grew steadily more and more depressed. She began to self-harm and abuse drugs to get some sort of escape from the reality that was her life. She had given up all hopes of a bright future by this point and only kept herself alive for Roscoe's sake. Finally one night while in a trip in Las Vegas, having left her beloved dog in the care of a trusted friend, Skyla took an overdose of painkillers and slit her wrists, intending to die. She wasn't sure exactly who found her or how, but what she does very hazily remember is a paramedic by the name of Sneight talking to her in the ambulance and helping to save her.

After that incident, Skyla decided that she'd had enough. She ended up staying in Vegas to get a Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedics, inspired by the paramedic who had helped save her. She tirelessly searched for him throughout her years of study, but unfortunately never found him. After graduation she moved back to Miami and now works there as a paramedic.

And so lying underneath those stormy skies
She'd say, "Oh, I know the sun must set to rise"

Your Alias: Calypso
Means of contact: PM over on EMH
Other Characters you play: The Lewis sisters, William McKinley, Lexie Clarke, Andrei Maximov
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Natalia Boa Vista

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PostSubject: Re: Skyla "Gypsy" Hawkins   Mon May 12, 2014 10:23 pm

welcome to Miami, Ms. Hawkins
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Skyla "Gypsy" Hawkins

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