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 You Found Me // Patrick

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Madison Lewis


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PostSubject: You Found Me // Patrick   Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:32 pm

Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me
Lying on the floor surrounded, surrounded
Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you?
Just a little late, you found me, you found me

A muffled groan left Madison's lips as her blue eyes fluttered open and she blearily looked around her. Her tongue tried to push the gag out of her tongue, instead tasting a nasty combination of bloody saliva, sweat and god knew what else. Involuntarily her nose scrunched up, a look of utter distaste crossing her expression.

She tried to sit up, her body screaming in protest at the effort. Her legs and wrists were tied, the rough rope cutting into her skin. Her black pants were ripped and she noticed blood oozing from a cut on her calf. Upon inspection the raven-haired CSI noticed that the rest of her was covered in its fair share of cuts and bruises. And the worst part of this was that she could not remember a single moment. What had happened to her? And what had they done to her that she had no idea about?

Eyes widening, she swallowed the giant lump that was forming in her throat. How the hell had she gotten here?! The woman remembered nothing. One minute she'd been at a crime scene, the next she was here, lying on oil-stained concrete in what looked to be an empty warehouse. Her heart sped up, ears perking for signs of life around the place. Any signs of life that could tell her if she was alone or whether she was being monitored.

A squeak sounded, causing her heart to jump to her heart. False alarm - it was only a rat with her brood, dashing off to find her next meal. Shakily Madison tried to get up, but her body had had enough and she collapsed down. Closing her eyes and laying her head against the cold concrete, she bit back a groan. Dandelion, please find me...

I was in a funk. And was listening to The Fray's 'You Found Me' and this came to be. I assume that they might not have seen each other in a while, also.
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Patrick Jane

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PostSubject: Re: You Found Me // Patrick   Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:28 am

Patrick, quite frankly (even if only admitting it to himself-barely) had grown worried a bit.
It had been a while since he last heard anything from his Forest Fairy and now there were unanswered texts to add to the bunch.

Actually, his gut had started to clench at the possibilities which Jane, with great deal of love, tried to send away because, after all, why there should be anything wrong with her if she was most likely out at a crime scene and, while H hadn't openly said anything, possibly was counted as a disrespect to their job if she'd gone off texting all day with him instead of processing evidence.

Calm down, Jane. You're just getting ticklish from barest things. Get yourself sorted, man.
He caught himself scolding himself like a mother of a five-year-old who'd done something less polite.

[OOC: me likey! I'm tickled to find this brand new topic shining at me, lol]
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Madison Lewis


Age : 30
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PostSubject: Re: You Found Me // Patrick   Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:11 am

Outside she could faintly hear the crash of waves against rock, the sound pierced by the squawk of an indignant seagull. Madison didn't open her eyes as she lay there, instead just taking in her surroundings as best she could without getting up. Her body hurt too much, and though she knew she would have to get up eventually and power through it, she allowed herself a moment's rest just for the time being. The faint smell of sea salt reached her nose and the seagull gave another screech. Obviously she was by the ocean, but given that Miami was surrounded by water any which way you looked, that hardly lightened her heavy heart. She was in a warehouse by the ocean; in this city it meant that she could be absolutely anywhere.

After what seemed an hour but in reality was only two minutes, Madison sat up and looked around her. She felt calmer now, though that in part was due to the fact that she was already over the entire situation. Her features twisted into a scowl as she moved her wrists about, trying to get them out of the knot, and a string of Russian curses left her lips. This was exactly why she hated working solo; being alone made one more vulnerable to situations where one got taken advantage off. Situations like the one she was in now. A growl left her lips and the CSI began shuffling over to the exit, not bothering to get up. She might get concrete burn, but it sure beat hopping like a rabbit in her current state.
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Patrick Jane

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PostSubject: Re: You Found Me // Patrick   Sun May 01, 2016 12:53 am

It was ungodly long time later, after interrogation assist and whatnot else H had decided to pull Jane along for, when he could lie down on the Break Room's couch and suck in a bit of late afternoon "rush hour's" babble coming from outside of the room. The bustle and hushed murmurs of lab workers and police passing by with all kinds of stuff starting evidence and witnesses to hands-full of lunch boxes as they went on their designated businesses.
It wasn't for Patrick to blame them for hanging around here- the lab was a fun place for spending a lunch hour or for catching up on day's gossip.
For him it was the general feeling of life pulsing through the building.

However, there was something else worrying his mind all day.
His missing friend and colleague, and if he admitted himself, his beloved girl, who was still not answering her phone or shown up at the place.

The mostly dark ideas were circling his tired brain with scenarios that few times nearly sent him to restroom and other times hiding from H's steel- glare.
Maybe he hadn't seen his consultant behaving this content, from all what Lisbon had warned about her former distraction and magnet to mischief and trouble. Or maybe he was just trying to catch Jane before the mischief is done to fix whatever surprise someone would receive.
Or maybe, just maybe, he shared the common feeling of something amis.

But despite all that, Patrick wasn't showing his worry outwardly to his boss, nor he was even asking.
There was a better plan forming behind the blonde's curls that lay there innocently ruffled all the ways untamed.

And with that secret plan of his own Patrick Jane slipped out of the comfy room and away from prying eyes of H to unwaveringly slide into Tech room. He knew nobody would suspect abything weird from his presence and few new guys definately wouldn't blame a colleague from snooping around for quicker analysis being done and some added gossip on the way. So he was mainly left by himself and if anyone had something to say they kept it shut.
And he noted they were too much into their own side projects to pay a guy extra attention.
With that sorted Jane soundlessly folded himself into one of the workstations and typed in a password that let him into the Lab's system.
Luckily, and possibly gladly, he knew what to do to get his plan going, instead of the popular belief of the guy being a bit of computer-challenged. This was his own doing and play to make it look like he really had not much idea of what a computer is for.
But this secret made him open to something that none the wiser would let slip by if asked. After all some game wasn't a crime. And so he made it appear every way like that.

But in the full thruth the consultant was actually snooping through comms and dispatch notes to figure out where his Forest Fairy had taken so long to travel. And maybe he would be able to launch a tracking system to find her mobile, if anything else.

I just saw this. Had forgotten about this one.
And guess what- got a strike of writing this idea out Smile
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PostSubject: Re: You Found Me // Patrick   

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You Found Me // Patrick

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