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 Natalia Boa Vista

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Natalia Boa Vista


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PostSubject: Natalia Boa Vista   Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:36 am

Name: Michi aka ShatterhandsGirl
Character Name: Natalia Boa Vista
Character Face: Eva LaRue
Status: married to James Hamilton
Job: CSI
House or Apartment: Apartment

Natalia was a victim of spousal abuse by her husband Nick Townsend. Her association with the battered woman society helps the CSI team solve the murder of a woman who was killed by her ex-husband. She seems to shy away from the topic whenever brought up but often shares a connection with scared wives involved in cases.
Natalia is a DNA analyst initially assigned only to work on unsolved or cold cases, though this is, until the end of season four, a cover for her.
It is revealed that Natalia was an FBI informant in the lab, assigned to help build a case against Horatio Caine and his team. However, when questioned by her co-workers, she claims to have only reported information that made the Miami-Dade Crime Lab look good. It is eventually revealed that the negative information that was soiling the lab in fact came from another source, State Attorney Monica West and Natalia's claims of defending the lab's integrity were accurate. Although the CSIs and other workers treat her with suspicion and some ostracizing after she's revealed to be the mole, she is ultimately accepted as a permanent above-board member of the team. It is revealed later that Caine (then a Homicide Detective) had previously met her, she had copied a blood drop for him in 1997.
Later Nick Townsend is found murdered. All the evidence is pointing to Natalia as the killer. Horatio, the night-shift lab and Calleigh's ex-boyfriend Detective Jake Berkeley must find evidence to clear Natalia. Natalia admits to Berkeley that she was outside Nick's house. She was handcuffed by Jake. Earlier on, Nick and Valera went on a lunch date. Valera ignored Natalia's warnings about Nick being dangerous, so Natalia went there to watch over her. She sees Nick trying to force Valera into the bedroom and watches Valera push him and run out of the house. Thinking that she killed Nick, Valera tries to admit to Jake, but he denies her confession. It is later discovered that another man murdered Nick. At the end Natalia leans on Horatio's shoulder and sobs quietly as they both look at a picture of Nick and Natalia in happier days, a reminder that Nick had not always been the abusive person he had become.

When Natalia is late to a crime scene and explains to Calleigh that she "had to add a new accessory to her wardrobe." She shows that she finally passed the firearms exam and has a gun.

When Natalia and Ryan walk into a booby-trapped house containing a meth lab. As the lab explodes, Natalia is trapped beneath debris. Though claiming to be fine and not willing to admit her injury, Natalia experiences hearing problems as well as flashbacks of the explosion, showing how shaken she truly is.

Later Natalia's hearing problem almost costs her life while searching a victims house. Afterwards Natalia thanks Ryan for "having her back", Ryan is angry that she was almost killed and urges her to see a doctor. Later, Walter gives her the card of a good doctor and after expressing her fear of being "stuck behind a desk" for the rest of her career she agrees to go see the doctor.

She faces a lot of action and danger while working on several cases, but she always gets out as the strong person she is.

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Madison Lewis


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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Boa Vista   Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:06 pm

Just cos I can: Welcome Very Happy

Since no one else said it, I felt like being silly and welcoming you to your own forum XD
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Natalia Boa Vista


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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Boa Vista   Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:27 pm

hehe, I think it's kinda funny so thank you Smile Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Boa Vista   

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Natalia Boa Vista

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